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Susanna Hamnett’s stage bio has a little bit of everything – scholarship, silliness and glamour…More to the point, in the past 12 months – her first full year of acting in T.O. – she’s walked into three very large ensemble pieces and left vivid impressions. Throughout she’s never stolen scenes with over-the-top gestures. Instead, in her intense way she offers the audience a glimpse of what a play might be at its highest, clearest level. And she raises the standards for those around her.
-Glenn Sumi in NOW

Susanna Hamnett’s controlling Queen Mother is gloriously demented and convincing, even in her nearly unplayable parrot-like caws.
-(re The Bewitched) NOW Magazine

In Greek Tragedy, the messenger usually brings bad news. But when Susanna Hamnett rushes onstage, there’s reason to cheer, not cry. In one long uninterrupted monologue the hypnotic Hamnett – one of the highlights of the recent Cherry Orchard – relates Medea’s vengeful doings, and her beautifully shaped words evoke more horror and drama than everything that has gone before.
-(re Medea) NOW Magazine

Hamnett does a wonderfully delicate job of revealing the put-upon Varya’s heartbreak.
-(re The Cherry Orchard) The Globe and Mail

Susanna Hamnett has the true clown instinct.
-(re Fou) Theatre Week (U.S.)