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Denmark. 2am. A hotel room. Three weary travellers, an unexpected will, and a production of Hamlet to rehearse before morning. Real-life family – Susanna Hamnett, Joshua MacGregor, and Lily MacGregor – play the bereaved family of the once-great actor, Henry Elder, who was billed to perform his career-defining solo Hamlet at the famous Elsinore Shakespeare Festival. But, as they discover, Henry Elder is determined not to let anything as inconvenient as death prevent him from being there. With Shakespeare’s Hamlet as the pivot around which the family’s story revolves, the play is by turns absurd, tragic, funny, and poignant.

Hotel Elsinore has been produced by the newly-created company PLANT[UNLTD] – Susanna Hamnett, Joshua MacGregor, and Lily MacGregor. It premiered at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to enthusiastic audience and critical reviews and was then invited to play at the beautiful Swallow Theatre in Scotland in April 2023. A United States tour is currently being planned for the autumn of 2024.

‘A love letter to theatre itself. For admirers of Hamlet this is a palpable hit!’ Edinburgh Guide (four stars)

‘A standout production…an intimate, enthralling and emotional drama’ Vivien Devlin, theatre critic

‘Some brilliant character acting from the whole cast with Susanna Hamnett giving an outstanding and mesmerising performance’ Theatre reviews.design (four stars)

‘An absolute gem of a play…one of the highlights of our Fringe. Superb storytelling and acting’ Audience review

‘An excellent piece of theatre superbly delivered by a talented cast’ Audience review

Written by Susanna Hamnett (with adapted text from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)
Created and performed by Susanna Hamnett, Joshua MacGregor, and Lily MacGregor
Directors Susanna Hamnett and Joshua MacGregor
Stage Manager Steve MacGregor
Production Assistant Alberta Saunders
Lighting Design The Swallow Theatre
With Voice Over by Alan Williams

Photography by Ben Wulf

Hotel Elsinore is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, the great Canadian actor David Fox who, whenever we would tell him of an upcoming project or dream, would get a fierce glint in his eye and pump the air with his fist, exclaiming “Have at ’em!”